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Lay's  -Chipito Chips | Chipito | Fromage
Lay's  -Mama Mia's Chips | Fromage-Paprika
Lay's  -Grills Chips | Fumé
Lay's  -Bugles Chips | Nacho cheese
Lay's  -Ringlings Chips | Oignons-Fines herbes
Lay's  -Bugles Chips | Roasted paprika
Lay's  -Funfrites Chips | Sauce frites
Market Deli Chips | Balsamic
Lay's  -The Oven Chips | Barbecue
Croky  -Hula Hoops Chips | Barbecue
Croky  -Hula Hoops Chips | Bolognese
Taste of Inspirations  -Delhaize Chips | Cheddar & Onion
365  -Delhaize Chips | Cheese flips
Lay's  -Chipito Chips | Chipito | Fromage
Market Deli Chips | Chorizo
Lay's  -Grills Chips | Fumé
Taste of Inspirations  -Delhaize Chips | Hot piri piri
Croky  -Zoobidoo Chips | Ketchup
Lay's  -The Oven Chips | Mediterranean herbs
Lay's  -Sensations Chips | Mexican peppers&Cream